11 najlepszych olejków oczyszczających roku 2024 przetestowanych przez ekspertów

11 najlepszych olejków oczyszczających roku 2024 przetestowanych przez ekspertów

<p>Cleansing your face with oil might seem counterintuitive (and conjure visions of clogged pores and breakouts). But in fact, cleansing oils are actually good for skin: „These formulas effectively <a href=”” target=”_blank”>remove makeup</a>, dirt and impurities while helping to maintain the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>skin’s natural moisture barrier</a>,” says <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Good Housekeeping Institute</a> Beauty Lab Director <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Sabina Wizemann</a>. </p><p>Oil-based face cleansers <strong>combine with the oils on your skin and in your makeup, breaking them down so they’re easier to remove</strong>, explains cosmetic chemist <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Perry Romanowski</a>. Dermatologists recommend oil cleansers because they „are specially formulated to take away impurities in the skin while leaving a layer of moisturizing oils to prevent <a href=”” target=”_blank”>skin irritation</a>,” explains <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Julia Tzu, M.D.</a>, a dermatologist in New York City. <br></p><p>The GH Beauty Lab is constantly evaluating the latest <a href=”” target=”_blank”>face cleanser formulas</a>, including cleansing oils. They are assessed by consumer testers with a range of skin types (including oily, sensitive, combination and dry) for their cleansing efficacy, ease of application, and the look and feel of skin after use. </p>”/>

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